QSC COVID-19 Camp Policy 4/9/21

QSC is working to set up The Sails and Trails Camp/Junior Sailing Program in a COVID safe manner for the summer of 2021. The camp will be smaller, allowing for proper social distancing, especially on rainy days. We are limiting camp to 30 participants per session, down from a maximum of 66 in previous summers.

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Questions can be answered by emailing to manager.qsc@gmail.com or calling 203-758-2241

Sails and Trails Camp

Sailing, Kayaking and Nature Exploration Camp

Quassapaug Sailing Center

Sails & Trails Camp core principles operate with hands-on discovery, adventure, skill building, self directed learning and working as a team to create the ultimate summer experience for your child.

The Sails & Trails Camp staff is comprised of, certified sailing instructors, lifeguards, and counselors all American Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified. Our counselors are experienced sailors, Paddlers, hikers and naturalists, eager to share their knowledge through a curriculum designed for experiential education.


Session 1June 21 - July 2
Session 2July 5 - July 16
Session 3July 19 - July 30
Session 4August 2 - August 13
Family DayAugust 7, 10am-2pm


ProgramTimeAgePriceQSC Member Price (1)
Sails and Trails 19am-4pm9-11$615$465
Optimist Dingy Sailing, Full Day9am-4pm9-12$615$465
Sails and Trails 29am-4pm12-14$615$465
420 Dingy Sailing, Full Day9am-4pm12-16$615$465
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Sails and Trails Summer Adventure

Two Week Sessions | June 21 – August 13

Sails and Trails 1, 9am-4pm, Ages 9-11

Sails and Trails 2, 9am-4pm, Ages 12-16

This summer camp program includes a full day of sailing and nature exploration!

Feel the wind move you along the water as you learn how to sail under the watchful eye of Lake Quassapaug Sailing Center’s certified instructors and explore the rich diversity of Flanders’ Whittemore Sanctuary on daily hikes and educational expeditions led by experienced naturalists

The sailing half of the day is an introduction to basic safety, seamanship, and boat handling on the water with a focus on developing independence and confidence. Skills taught will include understanding the parts of the boat, water safety, wind direction, rigging, knots, and sailing up and down wind. All sailing skill levels are accommodated. Younger campers will sail the Optimist dinghies and older campers will sail the 420 dinghies. Kayaks will be used on days without wind.

Campers will enjoy exploring the land around the water in the Whittemore Sanctuary and its wetland habitat. Animal tracking, scavenger hunts, fishing and investigating the plants, animals and birds in and out of the water, will be part of this nature program helping kids to make the connection of the value of open space and responsible land use to issues like water quality for recreation and daily usage.

Optimist Dinghy Sailing

Two Week Sessions | June 21 – August 13

Full Day 9am-4pm Ages 9-12

All skill levels. For Sailors less than 110 lbs. Participants will begin their sailing experience in QSC’s Optimist dinghies, with an introduction to basic safety, seamanship, and boat handling on the water. Each boat will be sailed by only one student. Skills taught will include understanding the parts of the boat, water safety, understanding wind direction, rigging, knots, and sailing up and down wind - with a focus on developing independence and confidence.

Advance sailors will be taught more complex sailing skills like Sail Trim, position and effects of body placement and movement.

More experience sailors will be taught the basics of racing.

*If your child is 12 years old and over 5 ft. tall and over 110 lbs., they are probably better suited for the 420 program.

420 Dinghy Sailing

Two Week Sessions | June 21 – August 13

Full Day 9am-4pm Ages 12-16

A great trainer for older, larger participants, the 420 Dinghy is used by high school and college sailing teams and in many youth competitions.A larger class of boat designed to be sailed by both a skipper and crew, it is best suited for sailors over 100 lbs, and with previous experience in Optimist Dinghy sailing. while also appropriate for older novice students. All Skill levels welcome. Skills taught will include rigging, efficient sailing, upwind and downwind sailing, and boat handling.

This is also a great program for experienced Sailors to advance their boat handling skills, and the use additional equipment. They will become more comfortable with the physics of sailing as well, practicing rudderless sailing, mastering roll tacking, and gybing. Advance sailors will be taught more complex sailing skills such as sail trim, position and the effects of body placement and movement.

More experienced sailors will learn to improve their racing skills, becoming more comfortable with a racing start, rules, and protest situations.

Leadership in Training

Two Week Sessions | June 21 – August 13

9am-4pm Ages 14-16

Making use of all our vessels, campers in this program will not only learn how to sail, but proper technique to kayaking as well. They will then sail and paddle to some often unseen areas of Lake Quassapaug. Investigating unique wetland, they will discover diverse insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that live in this wonderful wetland habitat.

Survivals skills, compass usage and orienteering are all part of this amazing expedition!

This program is ongoing and can be repeated through out the summer. They will learn leadership skills while gaining and enhancing their sailing and kayaking skills - all while enjoying and exploring the environment of the lake.

Required Equipment

Each sailor must bring/wear the following to each class:

Personal Flotation Device (Type III USCG approved NON-INFLATABLE life jacket) - PFD MUST be worn at ALL times on the water or near the water. - QSC now provides PFDs, but many campers like bringing their own.

Waterproof rain/wind type jacket if inclement weather is predicted, bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, dry change of clothes and towel, Water bottle, LUNCH.

Campers who wear glasses should have a retainer strap for the glasses while sailing.

Campers in the Sails and Trails programs should also bring shoes and clothes for hiking in the woods.

Participants must be comfortable swimming in a lifejacket in order to go sailing or kayaking. A swim test will be given (in a lifejacket).

All classes will assemble on the back deck of the QSC, rain or shine.

Participants should not arrive more than 10 minutes before camp and should be picked up promptly at the end of camp.

Family Day / All Star Regatta

Saturday, August 7, 10am-2pm

The Family Day (All Star Regatta) is a chance for participants to show off their newly learned Sailing, Kayaking and Nature skills to their families. The event is fun, free, and includes Lunch. Open to all families of the summer's Sails & Trails Camp participants.


Quassapaug Sailing Center provides educational scholarships to local youths to attend summer sailing classes.

The scholarships are awarded to students who have been successful in classes, have shown a spirit of community service, have an interest in sailing, but may not have the financial resources to participate in similar programs.

To be considered for a scholarship, please fill out our Scholarship Application. In a brief essay explain why you are applying for this scholarship, the benefits you hope to achieve in sailing, why you chose sailing over other sports, and any additional information that you may feel is important.

Application should be mailed to P.O. Box 231, Middlebury, CT 06762 no later than June 15th for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Extended Hours

Morning Care 8am – 9am, $9/hr.

Afternoon Care 4pm – 5pm, $9/hr.


Refunds: QSC policy is no refunds for camp registrations. QSC will refund registration for camp cancelation due to COVID related restrictions from the Federal, State or Local goverments.

Forms: In order to attend camp, all campers must submit the following forms. Forms can be emailed to manager.qsc@gmail.com

1. Medical Form. Campers may use QSC's Medical Form or submit a CT School Medical Form signed by a physician in the last 36 months. Submission of this form is a CT State requirement, your child can not attend camp without it.

2. Liability Waiver Form.

Please Note: Participants are given a swim test (in a lifejacket). Participants must show comfort in the water (in a lifejacket) to go sailing or paddling.

Maximum number of students per session is limited by instructor and equipment availability.


Questions can be answered by emailing manager.qsc@gmail.com or calling QSC at 203-758-2241